Reasons to Buy A Digital Sanitising Station

digital sanitising station

DESCRIPTION: The digital sanitising station is a self contained sanitizing machine used in food preparation environments. It is a high tech sanitizing solution that comes with an integrated digital screen, touch-screen buttons and sanitizers. It comes with an automated hand sanitaire dispenser and an integrated digital pH meter. WiFi provided with a one year limited CMS license. It is ideal for small to medium size food preparation environments. It is ideal for food service industry for its sanitizing solutions to be able to offer an economically viable sanitizing solution for the food preparation staff.

This device has the ability to perform a variety of functions and is ideal for the food service industry. It can perform basic sanitation tasks such as cleaning of hands, wiping of surfaces, clearing and deodorizing of drains, cleaning of refrigeration units and cleaning of washing machines. It has the ability to perform more complex tasks such as cleaning of drains, sterilizing of plates, dispensing of sanitizers and temperature checking of food. These tasks would not have been possible without the inclusion of the digital sanitising station.

Functionality: The android digital screen displays a standard colour LED screen. The device has an integrated sanitizer dispenser and an auto hand sanitaire dispenser incorporated in it. It has a standard pH meter which uses a probe attached to the rear of the device. The probe sends out a reading by applying slight pressure. Based on this reading, the device determines what type of powder coating needs to be applied and at what temperature level. The readings are displayed on the digital sanitising station’s digital screen.

Easy to Use: The digital sanitising station is designed to be easy to use. It comes with an easy to follow manual. There is also an online help provided when the user wants to troubleshoot the device or get technical support. Users need only to download the software from the company website and install it on their smartphones or tablet computers to be able to enjoy the benefits of the device. The device has a smartphone app that can be used to control it. The manufacturer provides free updates so that users do not need to worry about bugs or glitches.

Robust Steel Construction: Compared to other similar products, the digital sanitising station is constructed using a robust steel frame and the screen is protected with glass for added safety. It is also designed to work on most types of smartphones and tablets. The smartphone app enables one to remotely control it from any location. It has an android virtual screen that allows one to keep the sanitising solution loaded in the device. There is also an audio notification option in case there is a problem with the process.

One Smart Digital Sanitising Station Solution For Mobile Enterprise Applications: The dispenser is an ideal replacement for expensive sanitizing solutions. One smart digital sanitising station can be installed at all locations whether they are located at work places or restaurants. The mobile dispenser allows businesses to reduce their food waste disposal costs since it does not require manual disposal. This will reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Powerful Features: Most smartphone and tablet devices have no physical keyboard and the users cannot highlight the text. The touch screen of the smart digital hand sanitising dispenser eliminates the inconvenience of physically entering the information to be Hand Sanitised. By providing a fully customisable interface, it is easier to access the sanitisation options and clear the display for visual confirmation. This ensures that no matter what the screen size is, the information will be clearly visible and easily accessible. The full digital customisation also enables the user to enter product information and ingredients in their own style.

High Availability and Easy to Use: The dispenser is available at all leading hotel chains and can be purchased online from an accredited dealer. Online purchase ensures that one can get the dispenser at the best possible price. It is highly portable and requires no installation. The fully customised design of the dispenser makes it compatible with most smartphone and tablet devices including smartphones, tablets and capacitive smart pads. The total portability of the dispenser makes it useful in such places as hospitals, food services departments, fast food outlets, retail premises and convenience stores.

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