Hand Sanitizer Kiosk – What Are Some of the Things You Should Look For When Choosing a Hand Sanitizer Kiosk?

Most of our population uses our hands on a daily basis. The need for a germ-free and hygienic way to do so should not be a cause of concern. That is why a hand sanitizer kiosk should be installed at places where it is expected that people will use their hands such as hospitals, clinics, schools etc. Besides, these kiosks are very useful in offices as well. For instance, a kiosk in an ATM machine or check out lane is a great idea.

hand sanitizer kiosk

Features. A hand sanitizer kiosk typically comes equipped with an auto-dispenser which automatically lights up providing the customer visual indication to take their hands off their private items. It also contains up to 5000 ml of water and a shatter proof glass case which is also waterproof and explosion proof for longer durability. It also has a built-in camera and optional clip-on battery and water & ice packs.

How does this sanitizer work? The auto-dispenser is capable of dispensing an anti-bacterial solution using vapors which are stored in a refrigeration tank. These vapors emit a highly effective anti-bacterial aerosol which kills microorganisms present in the surface of hands which includes bacteria and virus. So, when a customer touches the dispenser’s surface and touches the mouth area, the vapors hit the skin directly and kill the microorganisms present on the surface of the hands instantly. So, there is no danger of spreading germs and thereby providing a germ-free environment for customers.

For sanitizing hands a built-in infrared camera is integrated in the hand sanitizer dispenser so that it can determine whether a customer’s hands have been exposed to an unsafe level of bacteria and if required offer a quick rinse with cold water. The display is touch sensitive and can be easily read by the customer as it displays a color-coded list. It can also detect any redness or irritation on the customer’s skin and offer them a sanitizer based on the level of redness.

How do I get one? Hand sanitizer kiosks are available for Canada-wide with the first 3l months free of charge. Call your dispenser and they can help you place an order. If a kiosk is not available in your area, just make sure to call them and ask about options so that you can get one before having to go out and invest large amounts of money into a new unit.

Can this type of advertising network work for me? Yes! Not only can it work for you but it can work for your competitors. A digital signage hand sanitizer signage can be seen from a distance and viewed from multiple angles. This allows you to easily run both traditional and digital advertising which would normally be difficult to manage. A kiosk can be located anywhere so be sure that you place yours where potential customers can see it from their work or sitting position.

Will the device require an electrical outlet? Yes, as long as there is power to operate the LCD display and the touch pad. Most of the newer models have built-in plug-ins which plug into an electrical outlet for full functionality.

How much does a floor standing sanitizer cost? The pricing depends on what features you choose to incorporate. If you’re going to include a digital signage display with the hand sanitizer dispenser, the cost will go up. It all really depends on your budget.

Do you need to use a temperature check display? Yes, most digital kiosks do and this is helpful because you can determine if the hands of the customer are clean. There are some hand sanitizer dispensers that also have temperature checkers built right into them but those are few and far between. The floor standing type can be used for sanitizing all surfaces, which is helpful in any food service operation.

What are some of the other features you should consider when purchasing? Make sure that the signage displays are touchless. The reason being, is that touchless kiosks give your customers peace of mind. They don’t have to worry about touching the glass surfaces to get the sanitizer. In addition, the touchless displays make them more sanitary. The last thing you want is a line of customers getting sick due to unclean hands.

How does an elevated digital kiosk fit into my HVAC system? You should look for something that will sit on the ceiling or mountable brackets around your establishment. These are generally small and unobtrusive. Most have an LCD screen to show how dirty the hands are and to educate the consumers as to why they shouldn’t be using the product. Since most of the sanitizers are in concentrated form, they can’t be stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, the digital kiosk will be mounted on the ceiling or mounted on some sort of mountable bracket.

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