The Benefits Of Using An SD Card Display Of Hand Sanitiser Kiosk

hand sanitiser kiosk

For businesses that require a quick and easy solution to keeping hands clean and germ free, consider investing in a hand sanitiser kiosk. These devices are ideal for sanitizing a wide variety of items in the workplace, including food preparation areas, prep tables, or even sales counters. These devices are also ideal for schools, health care facilities and public areas, because they offer a simple and cost effective way to help prevent the spread of germs and infection. As well as being an effective tool that saves businesses money on sanitizing costs, these kiosks are also environmentally friendly. Therefore, buying one for your business or for use in a public area is a smart investment.

Made from fire-resistant hardwood, the hand sanitiser advertising kiosk takes no electricity, batteries or cords to run. Instead, the gel container contains up to five liters of sanitizing gel ready to be used on just about any surface. By simply placing the container onto the surface that needs to be cleaned, the gel will sanitise the surface, thereby boosting sales. However, you don’t need to use it only on surfaces in the workplace – this device can be set up in your carwash, or even at home if you have kids! As well as boosting sales, using a hand sanitiser kiosk in your carwash will help reduce the spread of disease, and it will also save you money on chemical cleansers and detergents.

As well as boosting sales, the hand sanitiser kiosk and the igienko hand sanitiser gel dispenser will also provide you with a convenient way of saving water. Because the gel is thick, you don’t need to fill or refill the dispenser – simply empty it into the sink. This means that you won’t have to waste water by trying to add cold or warm water to the bottle – the gel will do it for you, saving you both time and water. As well as saving water, using the igienko hand sanitiser gel dispenser will save you money because you won’t need to purchase hand sanitisation products to give to your customers, allowing you to reduce the cost of running your business.

In line with promoting safety, an igienko hand sanitiser kiosk can help with breaking the’social norm’ in the high street. Inexperienced sales staff can make common mistakes such as not washing hands before they shake hands with customers, or not leaving a towel next to a bench seat. The igienko dispenser gives staff the opportunity to learn proper hygiene habits right from the start, creating a safer environment for everyone who comes through the door. In addition to this, a digital signage system in place at the dispenser can display important information about the safety regulations that businesses need to follow in order to comply with the Health and Safety Executive standards. For example, a message could tell customers that the gel is non-toxic, or that a dispenser cannot be placed on top of furniture.

An igienko hand sanitiser kiosk can also promote safety in a different way. Unlike billboards, it is possible to see the message on the dispenser – this means that people can spot the message as they are drinking from it. A smart idea for companies hoping to promote safety amongst their clients, this type of advertising can help to educate people about safe practices when it comes to using products around the home. This may even encourage kids to wash their hands properly, preventing the spread of germs such as Coronavirus.

Another way that a hand sanitiser kiosk can work is by using the media content that is contained within it. A video can be displayed on the glass panel, showing a young child washing their hands. Alternatively, a clip of an elderly couple washing hands can be shown. Digital signage in this format is generally less expensive than a static billboard, and can be placed anywhere in a business’s premises, including outside, making it perfect for large outdoor locations. It also allows the company to showcase any media content that they wish to display, whether it be company profiles, product demonstrations or interviews with staff.

When choosing which display signs to use, it is important to think about your overall goals for the hand sanitiser display. If you are looking to increase safety then opt for a design that will inform people about the hygiene instructions that they should follow when using the dispenser. If you are looking to increase sales then choose a more simple design that will encourage people to keep using them and encouraging customers to visit a website that sells them future supplies. The signage should also include contact details, either by telephone number or by physical address. This information will help to ensure that the hands-washing message gets through to those individuals who need to know about good hygiene.

When choosing which hand sanitiser advertising kiosk to use, it is important to consider how you intend to utilise it. If you intend to place it near an individual’s workstation, or perhaps on a computer screen, then size and clear visibility is essential. However, if you are looking to target an entire building, then choosing a compact size dispenser model is preferable. The SD card digital display models allow for portability and flexibility, allowing you to move the unit around if required.

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